Max’s amazing transformation…

by Linda Chamberlain

Meet a horse called Max.

He wants to show you why metal shoes were not working for him.

In this shocking photo (below) he had been shod less than six weeks before.

His heels were underrun and his hooves were distorted. The strain on his tendons must have been immense.

I doubt there can be any farrier in the country who will say it was the work of a good professional.

His owner had had enough. So off came the shoes and with frequent trims she was able to improve the shape of Max’s hooves.

His heels are no longer three inches high – in just a few months they are getting back to where heels should be, at the back of the hoof! And as you can see the potential for tendon strain has been reduced (see below).

You know, it’s a common problem that hooves will distort in between shoeings because of course they are growing all the time. With a nailed-on shoe it is impossible for the horse to wear hooves down naturally or for a professional to keep them trimmed and in shape especially if they are growing quickly during a six-week shoeing cycle.

So heels can become what is known as underrun. This is an extreme example (although I have seen worse) and, as you can see, Max’s heels in his shoes are almost directly beneath the centre of his foot.

There are so many excellent hoof boots on the market that can save all this ridiculous trouble. Isn’t it a scandal that nailed-on shoes are still legal? Sorry, I have trouble understanding why anyone bothers with them…

Max’s owner Tazelle shared his story recently on the Barefoot Horse Owners Group on Facebook – a busy support group with more than 18,000 members.

Not surprisingly his photos were greeted with shock and dismay. How can those hooves have got so bad? Why is that farrier still practicing? How many inches in height has Max, a 14.1hh quarter horse, lost? But also, there was a warm ripple of support and encouragement.

Max’s story must have given hope to many members who are beginning on their barefoot journeys. If hooves as bad as Max’s can be revived once free of shoes, then surely other common hoof problems might be beaten.

The good news is – THEY CAN!

To find out more about barefoot, or to get support, join the Barefoot Horse Owners Group on Facebook.


I’m a writer and journalist who loves horses. My own horses’ shoes were removed about 17 years ago as soon as I realised the harm they were causing. My non-fiction book – A Barefoot Journey – tells the story of riding without shoes in a hostile equine world. Mistakes, falls and triumphs are recorded against the background of a divided equine world which was defending the tradition of shoeing…with prosecutions. Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US – paperback for £2.84 and Kindle for 99p.

‘The author wrote from the heart and with great conviction. It read as a fiction type book, but was also being informative without you realizing it! It gives me hope with my own ‘Carrie’. I totally recommend this book to anyone….my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough!! – Amazon reader.

‘ Required reading for anyone thinking of taking their horse’s shoes off’ – Horsemanship Magazine.

‘I loved reading this intelligently written book. It’s so good I think every hoof trimmer should hand this book out to clients who are going barefoot for the first time’ – Natural Horse Management magazine.

My historical novel, The First Vet, is inspired by the life and work of the amazing early vet, Bracy Clark – the man who exposed the harm of shoeing 200 years ago but was mocked by the veterinary establishment. His battle motivated me to stretch my writing skills from journalism to novel writing and took me to the British Library and the Royal Veterinary College for years of research. Paperback price £6.99, Kindle £2.24 –Amazon UKAmazon US. This book has more than 50 excellent reviews on Amazon and a recommend from the Historical NovelCover Society. 

‘Fantastic read, well researched, authentic voice, and a recognition of the correlation of our best slaves- horses- with the role of women throughout history. If you are into history, barefoot horses, and the feminine coming of age story, then this book is a must read’ – Amazon US reader.

If you want to keep in touch, click the follow button on this campaigning blog or find me on Facebook…Another historical, horsey novel has been completed, ready for editing. I am being inspired by a famous equestrian campaigner from the past who quietly made such a difference to horses. So many people have asked me to write a sequel to The First Vet but I think I should feature one of Bracy Clark’s colleagues. And have I told you about the Very Bad Princess? The one who rode horses, swore a lot and tried to keep a London park all to herself…not a current-day princess…more soon…I’m enjoying the research on this lady! She used to take snuff…xxx

2 thoughts on “Max’s amazing transformation…

  1. Hello Linda,
    I’m a natural hoofcare professional, and I can give any number of good reasons not to shoe horses, but I’ve seen plenty of hooves being acceptably sound despite being shod as well. A situation like the one described in this article is the result of shabby, unprofessional hoofcare, and doesn’t come as a necessary consequence of shoeing. I’m obviously happy Max has had his feet back, but I think that the barefoot movement must try to be as scientific and objective as possible to continue gaining credibility. Assertions like “Isn’t it a scandal that nailed-on shoes are still legal? Sorry, I have trouble understanding why anyone bothers with them…” in my opinion don’t benefit our cause. Shoes still have their place in hoof care, and will for a while. Hoof boots are improving steadily and I hope that someday they will be so good to really be able to displace shoes in all possible applications, but it’s something we’ll probably not see in our lives.
    In friendship,


    • Thank you for commenting, Leonardo. But in my blog, I do feel I am speaking personally. For myself rather than a movement. And I really don’t understand why something as dreadful as a nailed-on shoe is legal or advisable. There are so many alternatives. You are right – Max’s hooves are a result of poor shoeing. It also shouldn’t exist but it does.


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