And the winner is…!

by Linda Chamberlain

A picture is worth a thousand words…and each one of these will tell you so much about barefoot horses and their owners.

They are a selection of the entries for the Barefoot Horse Owners Group photo competition on Facebook  – I was relieved that the job of choosing a winner didn’t land at my door! Members voted for the best banner photo of 2017 and the prize was a year’s subscription to Barefoot Horse Magazine.

And here is the winner, submitted by Lisa Outram but photographed by Mandy Wheatcroft, the breeder of these three youngsters caught having a snooze amid the remains of a hay bale. The photo perfectly captures a blissful moment of herd life, the horses so relaxed that they are out for the count. Together…

But it also tells you a lot about so many of our group members who strive relentlessly to provide some important elements in the life of a horse. Being in a herd, freedom to move, to sleep, to graze, to choose…it’s not always easy, as you will see, especially at this time of year.

All horses, of course, begin their lives as barefooters. These shots were hot contenders and got plenty of votes.

Mother and baby.

A wild foal.

A newborn.

But the influence of humans means not all will stay free of metal shoes Our touch may not be benign.

Our Facebook group with its 20,000 members (almost) is a great place to find out the best methods of going barefoot, staying that way and having fun with horses.

Riding on the beach.

So many of us like to make a splash.

Some have teamed up with some unusual riding companions.

Or simply going it alone.


These two went on a trip to London to see the guards.

But it’s great if you can just be with your equine friend and enjoy the view.

Sometimes we get competitive and ride all in blue…

It’s a myth that barefooters can’t jump as high.


Here’s a close up of a healthy hoof doing just that.

No slipping, no sliding.

It’s all about partnership.

As these folk will see.

So many times that can be achieved from the ground.


Special moments aren’t confined to being in the saddle.


Unless you’re a princess…

Or have a Shetland to ride.


You see, they need keeping out of trouble.

Should have a category of their own.

And know how to dress festively.

Sometimes we favour photos of horses together.

Other times we love pics on their own.


But if a horse is at the end of your rainbow…

Remember there are better ways of keeping them these days.

Let’s peel back the mists of convention.

Let’s battle the skeptics who warn that we can’t.

Barefoot Horse Owners Group on Facebook for the best photos, great support and top-notch advice from trimmers, vets and riders.


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